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January 11

Demise of the Liberal Party

Is it time to think the unthinkable: that the Liberal Party has run its course? This concept would send shivers down the spines of many conservatives but can this supposedly nightmare scenario actually be avoided? The very reason it could happen – and possibly should – is that the Liberals can no longer clearly articulate […]

January 13

Aussie idiots abroad

The myth of the rugged Aussie individualist – strong, self-reliant and savvy – is being exposed as a flight of fancy by young Australians who are a pathetic disgrace to our notional national identity. The ratbags unravelling our sense of self-worth are generally younger travellers who take off to see the world but cry for […]

October 22

The folly of faux feminism

Naivety is a common attribute of young people and is only to be expected as they struggle to understand ever more of life’s complexities. Yet, while naivety is excusable, foolishness is harder to accommodate and idiocy is just downright frightening. Take, for example, the United Kingdom’s latest musical gift to the world, girl band, Little […]

October 03

Frackin’ hell, what are we doing?

I am not by any means a Greenie though I do try not to despoil our planet too much. I do have a three acre garden which consumes my non-working hours. Which is just background to my concerns about fracking. In my home state of Queensland, Australia, Coal Seam Gas and fracking, to a lesser […]

September 09

The delusion of democracy

Australia went to the polls over the weekend and gave itself a new government. Lots of people are happy and lots of people are sad. That’s an inevitable consequence of choosing one side or another. In every lottery there are winners and losers. But is Australia well served by our democracy? Because I like the […]

July 24

Australian manhood goes soft

Dear, oh, dear!  Australian manhood has just been dealt a devastating blow. New research suggests we can’t get it up when it counts. Who would have thought? Our whole national ethos is based on the myth of the rugged individualist and Aussie men are generally thought to consider themselves as John Wayne/Clint Eastwood types who […]

July 23

An act of infamy

There has been a tragic decline in the standards of political life over the past few decades. Even worse is that not only has the behaviour of politicians declined disgustingly but public acceptance of appalling standards has become the norm. Few things shock us any more but Australia’s Prime Minister has just done something so […]

July 02

The drug of choice

I love the number of people who denounce drug use – and users – with caustic contempt but who can’t wait to get their next cup of coffee. Hypocrisy is such satisfying self-deception. This thought is occasioned by the phenomenal uptake of coffee as the daily drug of choice for a vast segment of Australian […]

June 28

Does the cloud compute?

Cloud computing is all the rage but not everyone understands just what it is and its implications. Essentially it describes the delivery of hosted services via the internet to remotely process, share and store digital data. As the de facto currency of the information economy, secure management of digital data is of vital importance, with […]

May 14

Nervous anticipation

I am privileged to live on acreage in southeast Queensland, best known as Australia’s Sunshine State. For the past twenty years I have created a garden there (with my wife providing horticultural direction) and it is now a beautiful wonderland of peace and tranquility. Yet Australia is the world’s driest continent, so they say, and […]