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February 13

The loss of moral authority

It is interesting to note the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, admonishing the Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier for promoting legislation decriminalising late-term abortions. Both of Queensland’s parliamentary leaders are women and both are apparently believers in Catholicism. Going for the jugular, Archbishop Coleridge said such legislation would make Queensland like Nazi Germany. More […]

January 17

Grace lacking in God’s waiting room

Okay, so most of us hate performance reviews. The research is pretty conclusive. But we also say that we value regular feedback on how we are travelling at work. It’s a conundrum. But imagine if you were part of a large work group whose boss went public to denounce your collective behaviours in damning terms. […]

At last, a Pope for the masses

I cannot profess to be enamoured of the Catholic Church though I was raised in the faith. The reasons matter not to anyone else but they are numerous and genuine. Have to say, though, I am liking this new Pope, Francis. The rigid conservatism of Benedict VXI left me cold. As it did many others. […]

Pope Benedict not worth a prayer

Few popes in recent decades have excited as much comment as the recently retired Pope Benedict XVI. His novel departure from office – the first pope to voluntarily stand down in more than half a millennium – will see him styled as pope emeritus until his death though he will play no further part, officially, […]

Crucifying the children

So, Australia is to have a Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced the initiative without any advance warning to her government or consultation with her Ministers. Like the good idea at the time it most assuredly was, Gillard has now had a cold shower and passed the parcel to her […]

True contrition requires honest confession

The Catholic Church is like a quicksand victim: the more it struggles to free itself from the appalling taint of child sex abuse, the deeper it sinks into the mire. Australia’s top Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, appears a decent enough man based on his media profile. But his attempts at securing public forgiveness for the […]