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July 01

Shrinking our children’s world

Would we welcome a world of the future in which people tended to be risk-averse, uncomfortable with natural environments and favoured digital competency over physical capability? The change would be dramatic. The divergence from previous generations spanning millennia would be remarkably transformative and life would not be as we have largely known it. Given the […]

September 26

Breathing-in bulldust

Asbestosis is a dreadful affliction. Since there is no cure for it, victims usually suffer a lengthy and painful death, essentially caused by lack of oxygen from breathing as lung function decreases. Health authorities around the globe have mounted major education and awareness campaigns in tandem with legislative and regulatory bans on asbestos itself and […]

The vexed and vexing issue of child abuse

There is a lot of wickedness in the world and many of the things we encounter in the news are simply appalling. But child abuse ranks up there as something that simply should not happen in a civilised society. As we know, though, it does and its prevalence is a damning indictment of contemporary values. […]

What’s wrong with this story?

Okay, so a new batch of research tells us that children learn more from parents than their teachers. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is a moot point (given some of the parents that frequent supermarkets!) but it’s an acceptable premise. Taking this a step further (perhaps, even, a giant leap) Education Queensland is […]

Psycho killer kids

Spare us from bloody do-gooders. Honestly, their fears and paranoias are more infectious than virulent viruses. The latest illustration of this is an Australian study that assessed the mental health of kids in childcare. Over a period of two years it reviewed 5000 youngsters in remote, rural and urban centres. The conclusion: that one-in-ten of […]

Some parents are bastards

Conceiving a child and raising it to become a fully-functioning adult is a huge challenge. The fact that untold millions of singles and couples create new lives every year tends to suggest it is a lot easier than it actually is. Naturally, some parents are better suited to the task than others. They seem able […]