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The bare-faced effrontery of politicians

Let’s be clear right up front; some politicians are decent people and reasonable human beings. If you happen to know one, contact your favourite local media outlet without delay – they are always on the lookout for an unusual story. Nah, just kidding. Yeah, right. It is sad that we should be so cynical about […]

Newman’s sad new world

For a government elected on an all-encompassing promise to restore integrity to the administration of Queensland and, in particular, to end nepotism and perceived corruption, the Liberal National Party’s Can Do approach has been a dismal failure to date. That the government has lost its moral compass is emphasised by the oldest bleat in the […]

Flogging a dead Flegg

It is truly remarkable how naive some people can be. Honestly, they seem to wander through life believing the rules mandated for other mortals are simply not relevant to them. It is as if they believe they are above ‘the law’. And that is assuredly not a good look for a legislator. Which brings us […]

Kids in kindergarten learn more than LNP Ministers

You have to wonder about the mental capacity of Queensland’s Liberal National Party government. Here they are just over half a year into their first term and they are singing from the same hymn sheet that got the previous Labor administration run out of town in the largest landslide ever. It is indisputable that the […]

Ugly Aussies abroad

Throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties, it used to be fun sniggering at American tourists who wandered the world causing angst because they were so self-centred, loud and embarrassing. Sadly, they have lifted their game while many of us Aussies have raced to fill their shoes. Some of the antics of Aussies abroad are just […]