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August 27

The futility of fast food

What is it about people who over-indulge in fast food? Do they not have mirrors in their homes? Is the only reflective surface they encounter a television, PC or smartphone screen? Coz, mostly, they look bloody ugly! Yes, that’s a provocative statement but given the cost to society generally of the lack of discipline associated […]

fatness foolishness

In an era in which commonsense around food and nutrition is needed more than ever, there is some absolute tripe published about the topic. The latest offender is the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health which found that spending time cooking can make you fat. Yep, that’s right: you heard it here. These geniuses […]

Downsizing flagged for supersizers

Fatness is now rated by medicos as the leading cause of preventable death and disability in Queensland, Australia where I live. Me and the 4 million of my mates who live here in the Sunshine State clearly have too good a life since we have become the fattest state in the nation. Some might laugh […]

Like blow-up dolls

Sadly, Australia faces an epidemic. Worse, health experts are calling it “a frightening public health crisis”. The problem is obesity. Simple fact is, we are one of the fattest nations on earth. Maybe this is one of the factors behind our recent slippage in global rankings of many sports. We still enjoy a global reputation […]

The thick and thin of it

If you use public transport, you would notice that it is getting harder and harder to share seating with fellow passengers. Yes, some bring with them body odours that would best be left on the Nullarbor plain and others waft smoking odours that threaten to destroy the olfactory senses of poor wretches nearby. But, no, […]