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June 23

A pox on both their houses

Australian politics has reached one of the lowest ebbs in our history with the one of our two major parties utterly dysfunctional. That the Australian Labor Party (ALP) happens to form vast bulk of the governing coalition is a tragedy. National dissatisfaction with ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reached levels never even anticipated. In […]

Tough as nails – and driving them through the heart of Labor

It’s tempting to ignore the current state of Australian politics but since it impacts every aspect of our daily lives, there’s an imperative that we should not turn a blind eye. So, we look once again at our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and wonder how history will judge her. The Australian people have made clear […]

Ministerial musical chairs means bad government

The lamentable leadership woes of the Australian Labor Party have kept us in thrall like watching a train wreck unfold for the past four years. It has been a dispiriting and disillusioning detraction from good government. But there is another dimension to the jockeying for position that has gone largely unremarked. It is the almost […]

Real leadership

If anyone outside Australia takes any notice of our national politics, they’d be wondering by now how the hell this country manages to keep going. Most of us who live here are wondering the same thing. Our federal government for the past five years or so has been . . . well, I’d say a […]

Shallow diving into the sleaze pit

Australia is deep into a national election campaign that threatens to change the character of this country – and our place in the world – for generations. It is a sickening slide into racism masquerading as a form of economic nationalism. The core of the issue is, essentially, Australia’s mining boom with the associated demand […]

Backbone of a nation

Those of us who are older remember well how Australia was flooded with migrants in the years after the Second World War. My own experience was in Melbourne where Italians and Greeks congregated in massive numbers. So much so that Melbourne, for decades and perhaps still, was the fourth largest ‘Greek city’ in the world! […]

Tinkering at the edges while teetering on the brink

History has provided us with a wonderful mental image of a leader who has lost grip on reality and sinks ever deeper into the mire of their own twisted mind. That image is of Nero who is said to have fiddled while Rome burned. Our own ‘emperor’, Julia Gillard, increasingly brings Nero to mind as […]

Mockery deserved when self-inflicted

Anne Summers of The Sydney Morning Herald is one of Australia’s pre-eminent journalists but she is allowing her attachment to feminism to cloud her judgment of the commentariat’s view of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Summers complains that Gillard is being mocked to such an extent that it represents misogyny. But is the PM the cause […]

The bare-faced effrontery of politicians

Let’s be clear right up front; some politicians are decent people and reasonable human beings. If you happen to know one, contact your favourite local media outlet without delay – they are always on the lookout for an unusual story. Nah, just kidding. Yeah, right. It is sad that we should be so cynical about […]

Labor straddles a fatal faultline

Australia’s national government has a century-old tradition of representing the labour movement: the trades unions that gave the ‘working man’ some power to withstand the might of the capitalist bosses. The Australian Labor Party has left an indelible imprint on the fabric of our society yet it today teeters on the brink of demise. How […]