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June 24

Read the writing on the wall, Kevin

There can be no argument that one needs uncommon self-belief and determination to become Prime Minister. Neither Bob Hawke nor Paul Keating could be classified as shy, retiring types. And while John Howard was much less ebullient than either of his immediate predecessors, his dogged determination and persistence could make an ultra-marathon runner look lazy. […]

July 23

An act of infamy

There has been a tragic decline in the standards of political life over the past few decades. Even worse is that not only has the behaviour of politicians declined disgustingly but public acceptance of appalling standards has become the norm. Few things shock us any more but Australia’s Prime Minister has just done something so […]

June 23

A pox on both their houses

Australian politics has reached one of the lowest ebbs in our history with the one of our two major parties utterly dysfunctional. That the Australian Labor Party (ALP) happens to form vast bulk of the governing coalition is a tragedy. National dissatisfaction with ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reached levels never even anticipated. In […]

Real leadership

If anyone outside Australia takes any notice of our national politics, they’d be wondering by now how the hell this country manages to keep going. Most of us who live here are wondering the same thing. Our federal government for the past five years or so has been . . . well, I’d say a […]

Backbone of a nation

Those of us who are older remember well how Australia was flooded with migrants in the years after the Second World War. My own experience was in Melbourne where Italians and Greeks congregated in massive numbers. So much so that Melbourne, for decades and perhaps still, was the fourth largest ‘Greek city’ in the world! […]

For the love of revenge

However you may feel about Kevin Rudd, he is not an easy character to ignore. He has this knack  – very artfully and assiduously honed – of remaining the public eye. No matter how casual he may make his appearances seem, there is a calculated and cunning plan underpinning them. Even Kevin may not know […]