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January 11

Demise of the Liberal Party

Is it time to think the unthinkable: that the Liberal Party has run its course? This concept would send shivers down the spines of many conservatives but can this supposedly nightmare scenario actually be avoided? The very reason it could happen – and possibly should – is that the Liberals can no longer clearly articulate […]

June 23

A pox on both their houses

Australian politics has reached one of the lowest ebbs in our history with the one of our two major parties utterly dysfunctional. That the Australian Labor Party (ALP) happens to form vast bulk of the governing coalition is a tragedy. National dissatisfaction with ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reached levels never even anticipated. In […]

Labor loses its values – and votes

The Australian Labor Party has lost its soul. Oh, something is still beating in its carcass but that is just a lust for power. That’s a harsh assessment, admittedly, but it’s hard to argue its validity. The saddest aspect is the way in which die-hard Labor voters have been abandoned by those who rule their […]

Democracy is about serving the people

The past decade has seen a disturbing decline in the political systems of Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The clash of ideals has been supplanted by the excess of ego. And it is proving to be a kiss of death for good governance. The recent furore in the United States over the […]

A dangerous addiction to discipline

Australia’s alternative Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks as a bemused electorate wonders what we have to do to get leaders we actually admire. We don’t particularly like Prime Minister Julia Gillard and we think her administration is rather lacking in capabilities and competence. But when we run our […]

Labor’s military madness

Ya gotta love Labor’s new guru, Bob Carr. He strides into the Foreign Ministry like a prodigal son returned to save the whole disgraced family. Good luck with that, Bob! Still, he’s an enthusiastic son of a gun and worthy of a good deal of respect. But ya still gotta wonder just where his head […]

Emmo’s songsheet

Pity poor Craig Emerson, Labor’s Minister for Trade and Competitiveness. No matter how hard he tries to tell us that Labor is our salvation, he just can’t get the words and the music right. In The Weekend Australian he opened an opinion piece with the fateful words: “With a mining tax and a carbon tax […]

Learning lessons

As life in Queensland rolls along without the thunder, lightning and devastation commonly associated with the apocalypse, some are wondering what all the kerfuffle was about. The kerfuffle, of course, was the monstrous hiding delivered to the Australian Labor Party at the weekend’s state election. In the random wash-up of this momentous event there are […]

What the hell just happened?

Those who live outside the borders of the Sunshine State may choose to think this weekend’s state election means little to them. Entirely their choice, of course. But there are ramifications which will likely impact politics in every state and territory from here on. So, what the hell just happened? Well, the Australian Labor Party […]

Labor’s straitjacket for a free media

First there was Fightback! Then the pale imitation of Jobsback! And now the damp squib of Payback! For surely there has rarely been expended so many words on an attempted campaign of fear and intimidation than the Finkelstein shot across the bows of News Limited. Three hundred plus pages of walking softly while carrying a […]