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June 23

A pox on both their houses

Australian politics has reached one of the lowest ebbs in our history with the one of our two major parties utterly dysfunctional. That the Australian Labor Party (ALP) happens to form vast bulk of the governing coalition is a tragedy. National dissatisfaction with ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reached levels never even anticipated. In […]

Democracy is about serving the people

The past decade has seen a disturbing decline in the political systems of Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The clash of ideals has been supplanted by the excess of ego. And it is proving to be a kiss of death for good governance. The recent furore in the United States over the […]

Stop playing us for fools

As intelligent young men go, Queensland’s new Attorney-General is a nice guy and a pleasant human being. But he is a political animal, nonetheless, and he is playing games with his just released discussion paper on electoral reform. Jarrod Bleijie is a young man on the make. He has just three years in state parliament […]

Compulsory voting

‘Tis the silly season so far as news is concerned with very little happening, especially in the world of politics. As Australians, particularly, languish in our scorching summer heat, it’s a time when pollies like to run some strange ideas up flagpoles to see if anybody salutes. One such that has quite a lot of […]

Who’s up whom and who’s paying the rent?

The recent ascension of the Liberal National Party to power in Queensland after most of twenty years in the political wilderness was anticipated to be a resounding renaissance of right-wing religiosity: a return to decent values after decades of the evil anti-Christ Australian Labor Party. Well, not everyone was hoping for that scenario but plenty […]

Burning a mandate like candles in a wind

Politics is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a knock-down, drag-out process where the winner customarily takes all. When it comes to elections, there are usually no second prizes. Which is rather unfortunate because it cultivates the wrong sort of personality we prefer in our leaders. Sure, voters want a leader who demonstrates strength of conviction, […]

Jumping ship should lead to walking the plank

Politicians elected to parliament under the banner of a specific party should not have the right to renege on that allegiance without causing a by-election. It is becoming all too common for Members of Parliament to decide they are no longer comfortable with their colleagues and spurn the party under whose banner they campaigned for […]

The only poll that matters

There are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. Regrettably for supporters of the new Liberal National Party administration in Queensland, Premier Campbell Newman appears to have contracted a debilitating bout of tinnitus. As his administration is engulfed in the embarrassment of poor decision-making which, if we we were generous could be put […]

The chooks come home to roost

Anyone who thinks that new Queensland premier, Campbell Newman, did not rise yesterday and kick the living daylights out of his dog (always assuming he does have a dog and also lacks the sensitivities of an animal lover) does not appreciate his current frustration. He would have just been made aware of the resignation from […]

Newman’s sad new world

For a government elected on an all-encompassing promise to restore integrity to the administration of Queensland and, in particular, to end nepotism and perceived corruption, the Liberal National Party’s Can Do approach has been a dismal failure to date. That the government has lost its moral compass is emphasised by the oldest bleat in the […]