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February 13

The loss of moral authority

It is interesting to note the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, admonishing the Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier for promoting legislation decriminalising late-term abortions. Both of Queensland’s parliamentary leaders are women and both are apparently believers in Catholicism. Going for the jugular, Archbishop Coleridge said such legislation would make Queensland like Nazi Germany. More […]

October 22

The folly of faux feminism

Naivety is a common attribute of young people and is only to be expected as they struggle to understand ever more of life’s complexities. Yet, while naivety is excusable, foolishness is harder to accommodate and idiocy is just downright frightening. Take, for example, the United Kingdom’s latest musical gift to the world, girl band, Little […]

A man with his hand in his pocket

You can usually tell when a man is feeling insecure: he talks-up his competencies way too much. The latest to feel inadequate is a psychology professor at Stockholm University, Timo Maentylae, who is just publishing new research with an earth-shattering conclusion. His contention: men are better at multi-tasking than women. Go, you good thing, Timo! […]

Tony Abbott, you’re a goose!

How dumb do you have to be to let Julia Gillard beat you? Well, deposed prime minister Kevin Rudd is still smarting over that issue and for the life of him cannot work out how things went so badly wrong. At the last election, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott reckoned he had her on toast but […]

Women, men and high heels

Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has captured international attention in recent weeks and sex has been a key element each time. Feminists around the globe got very excited by a stirring and rather virulent speech Gillard made denouncing her main political rival in parliament. Accusing him of sexism and misogyny, Gillard rallied her troops – […]