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Politicians play us for fools

The following story happened in Australia but I am sure it has parallels that play out in most liberal democracies – and, no doubt, in quite a few regimes that don’t favour transparency and accountability to the same extent. It essentially comes back to that great old line: How can you tell a politician is […]

The nanny state becomes a welfare paradise

  There was a time some decades ago when the United Kingdom adopted an ideal of the welfare state in which people were looked after by government from the cradle to the grave.  It was a halcyon notion that lasted as long as it took to figure out that it would bankrupt the nation. Mind […]

The bare-faced effrontery of politicians

Let’s be clear right up front; some politicians are decent people and reasonable human beings. If you happen to know one, contact your favourite local media outlet without delay – they are always on the lookout for an unusual story. Nah, just kidding. Yeah, right. It is sad that we should be so cynical about […]

Why do politicians just not get it?

Australia’s body politic is suffering a deep and disturbing malaise, the ramifications of which are sweeping through the entire community. Nor does it appear that this syndrome is restricted to the great Land Down Under. As here, politics worldwide is bedevilled by an appalling new sense of entitlement that has gripped our elected representatives. Once, […]

Politicians play us for fools

Australians are increasingly cynical and disillusioned about our parliamentarians and are rapidly losing faith in the ability of the federal parliament to deliver good government. What’s new? many will cry (some in despair). And it’s true: most Aussies have a traditional suspicion of politicians at every level of government and the old joke about how […]

Dirty, rotten, stinking scoundrels

The bare-faced cheek of some people is almost beyond belief.  Their arrogance is so outrageous you wonder how they can live with themselves. Then again, politicians have never been noted for their reticence, humility or altruism. Even so, a new entrant in the scandalously greedy class has just emerged. The members call themselves The Association […]