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January 11

Demise of the Liberal Party

Is it time to think the unthinkable: that the Liberal Party has run its course? This concept would send shivers down the spines of many conservatives but can this supposedly nightmare scenario actually be avoided? The very reason it could happen – and possibly should – is that the Liberals can no longer clearly articulate […]

September 09

The delusion of democracy

Australia went to the polls over the weekend and gave itself a new government. Lots of people are happy and lots of people are sad. That’s an inevitable consequence of choosing one side or another. In every lottery there are winners and losers. But is Australia well served by our democracy? Because I like the […]

The art of lobbying

The discipline of lobbying has a chequered history and sadly suffers a rather tainted reputation. That’s because the role of a lobbyist is primarily to influence others and the easiest way to influence many people is to offer inducements. All too often those can take the form of financial incentives and things can get messy, […]

Tough as nails – and driving them through the heart of Labor

It’s tempting to ignore the current state of Australian politics but since it impacts every aspect of our daily lives, there’s an imperative that we should not turn a blind eye. So, we look once again at our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and wonder how history will judge her. The Australian people have made clear […]

Real leadership

If anyone outside Australia takes any notice of our national politics, they’d be wondering by now how the hell this country manages to keep going. Most of us who live here are wondering the same thing. Our federal government for the past five years or so has been . . . well, I’d say a […]

Politicians play us for fools

Australians are increasingly cynical and disillusioned about our parliamentarians and are rapidly losing faith in the ability of the federal parliament to deliver good government. What’s new? many will cry (some in despair). And it’s true: most Aussies have a traditional suspicion of politicians at every level of government and the old joke about how […]

Half-full glasses overflowing with reality

It is fascinating how often the commentariat takes the Australian people for mugs. Like this past week when the number-crunchers determined that our national economy was performing better than anybody had really expected. Growth figures showed our engine of growth was powering along at a rate of 4.3 % per annum. This puts us in […]

Power without principle

There are few who would question that power has a commanding allure. Those with an interest in human behaviour will readily attest the transformative impacts power has on those who seek it and those who attain it. These observations are frequently fascinating but rarely edifying. Perhaps it is the innate frailty of humanity that makes […]

Learning lessons

As life in Queensland rolls along without the thunder, lightning and devastation commonly associated with the apocalypse, some are wondering what all the kerfuffle was about. The kerfuffle, of course, was the monstrous hiding delivered to the Australian Labor Party at the weekend’s state election. In the random wash-up of this momentous event there are […]

Games the media play

Australia faces a crisis of leadership. That much is obvious from even a cursory assessment of leading opinion polls. Our traditional loyalty to major political parties waxes and wanes but does not deviate all that much from norms that have been established over a few decades. Few of us are swingers, no matter how much […]