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Who’s up whom and who’s paying the rent?

The recent ascension of the Liberal National Party to power in Queensland after most of twenty years in the political wilderness was anticipated to be a resounding renaissance of right-wing religiosity: a return to decent values after decades of the evil anti-Christ Australian Labor Party. Well, not everyone was hoping for that scenario but plenty […]

Burning a mandate like candles in a wind

Politics is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a knock-down, drag-out process where the winner customarily takes all. When it comes to elections, there are usually no second prizes. Which is rather unfortunate because it cultivates the wrong sort of personality we prefer in our leaders. Sure, voters want a leader who demonstrates strength of conviction, […]

Bully boy tactics backfire

Ask any group of people what kind of personality they most dislike and bully will be at or not far from the top of the list. Australians, in particular, view bullies with distaste. We just don’t like braggarts, swaggarts and wankers. Oh, a certain number of us yearn for ‘strong’ leaders ready to smite their […]

The chooks come home to roost

Anyone who thinks that new Queensland premier, Campbell Newman, did not rise yesterday and kick the living daylights out of his dog (always assuming he does have a dog and also lacks the sensitivities of an animal lover) does not appreciate his current frustration. He would have just been made aware of the resignation from […]

Falling down in the credibility stakes

My, my! Unsteadiness continues to sweep the Ministerial ranks of Queensland’s new LNP government. Arts Minister, Ros Bates, has had a first six months in office that makes Christchurch seem like the Rock of Gibraltar. The dreadfully unfortunate Ms Bates appears more accident-prone in real life than in her portrayal of a Cabinet Minister. Coz […]

Kids in kindergarten learn more than LNP Ministers

You have to wonder about the mental capacity of Queensland’s Liberal National Party government. Here they are just over half a year into their first term and they are singing from the same hymn sheet that got the previous Labor administration run out of town in the largest landslide ever. It is indisputable that the […]

Democracy damns us with governments we deserve

There would be almost universal acceptance that an athlete who did not practice would be, axiomatically, unfit for duty. If you don’t attempt to perfect your skills you cannot expect them to be of a winning standard. It seems such a simple and straightforward proposition. So, how come we expect parliamentarians to be far more […]