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October 03

Frackin’ hell, what are we doing?

I am not by any means a Greenie though I do try not to despoil our planet too much. I do have a three acre garden which consumes my non-working hours. Which is just background to my concerns about fracking. In my home state of Queensland, Australia, Coal Seam Gas and fracking, to a lesser […]

May 14

Nervous anticipation

I am privileged to live on acreage in southeast Queensland, best known as Australia’s Sunshine State. For the past twenty years I have created a garden there (with my wife providing horticultural direction) and it is now a beautiful wonderland of peace and tranquility. Yet Australia is the world’s driest continent, so they say, and […]

Responsibility for a roof over your head

Some people just don’t get the message about personal responsibility, do they? Even if they can say with some validity that life has not been kind to them, their behaviour marks them as architects of their own demise. The issue arises from a government crackdown in my home state of Queensland (Australia) on recalcitrant public […]

What’s wrong with this story?

Okay, so a new batch of research tells us that children learn more from parents than their teachers. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is a moot point (given some of the parents that frequent supermarkets!) but it’s an acceptable premise. Taking this a step further (perhaps, even, a giant leap) Education Queensland is […]

A slice of this Aussie life

Australia is notable for quite a few things and, regrettably, bushfire is one of them. Given we are such a massive continent it is perhaps not surprising that our bushfires tend to be large and furious. They are very scary events. We are certainly not the only place on Earth that faces this testing challenge […]

Stop playing us for fools

As intelligent young men go, Queensland’s new Attorney-General is a nice guy and a pleasant human being. But he is a political animal, nonetheless, and he is playing games with his just released discussion paper on electoral reform. Jarrod Bleijie is a young man on the make. He has just three years in state parliament […]

Government lost in a drought of its own making

The new Queensland government of Premier Campbell Newman must be desperately hoping for a more refreshing start to 2013 than it managed to achieve in the depressing dog days of its ascension to power in 2012. The urge to remind voters that they thrashed the last in a long line of Labor administrations, in power […]

This Aussie life . . .

Like most places on Earth, Australia suffers from plenty of misconceptions. Some are humorous, some are weird and some are, well, just misconceived! And there are plenty of misconceptions about kangaroos. Hate to break a secret but, actually, they don’t hop down our main streets. Well, certainly not in the major population centres. There are […]

Boot camps now law in Queensland

When all else fails, it must be time to go back to the very basics. This is, perhaps, the thinking behind a new youth justice initiative in the Australian state of Queensland. Frustrated by high levels of youth crime, the government has decreed that enough is enough. In a first for Australia, it has passed […]

Forecasters can’t feel the love

What a pathetic, moaning, whingeing bunch of mamby-pambies we have become. We should be ashamed of ourselves. This anguish was occasioned by a series of severe storms that hit Brisbane, capital of Australia’s Sunshine State, on Saturday. As tempests go, they were certainly worthy of note but nothing we are not regularly accustomed to during […]