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March 09

Trolls need shares

Domestic violence is disgusting and not to be tolerated in any way, shape or form. It seems to be a growing menace but perhaps we are simply seeing it in the glare of the media spotlight compared to the shadowy, dark secret it once was? Still, we are now told technology is the new weapon […]

The dangers of social media

Social media are transforming our world in ways similar to the advent of the Internet. Yes, their influence is THAT profound. But are those influences beneficial? Well, the positive side is that they do facilitate communication and in that sense alone they have the potential to be beneficial. Regrettably so much of that potential is […]

Facebook fascination fades fast

It was surely only a matter of time before our phenomenal fascination with Facebook began to fade. Like any drug of addiction, the high has to wane at some stage. Even so, plenty of people are still getting their kicks out of it. Facebook now has more than 1 billion users each month. Not bad […]

Snail mail crawls slowly to a halt in US

It is passing strange that a nation which has led the world in corporate rationalisations should stumble over a comparatively minor reform of a public service.  Yet this is just what has happened with the US Postal Service and moves to axe Saturday mail deliveries. For places like Australia, Canada and Sweden, weekend deliveries are […]

The shallowness of social media

   There’s something very sad about the rise of social media: SMS, Twitter, Facebook and their ilk. Like a big feed of fast food, they offer instant gratification that titillates the taste buds but later there is only a congealed staleness in your gut and no sense of repleteness at all. Taking social media at […]

Facebook fails yet another test

Facebook seems entirely unable to appreciate the impact it can have on people’s lives and the responsibility it has to minimise potential harm to its users. The world’s most popular social media site has become a modern phenomenon and changed the way younger people, especially, interact with each other. Its influence on global lifestyles has […]

Print icons deluged by digital tsunami

One of the global stalwarts of quality journalism, Newsweek magazine, is about to become virtual. After eighty years as a hold-in-your-hand publication, it will commence a digital-only future in the New Year (2013). Many young digital aficionados will not even know the name of this once-great digest of global news and events. They don’t trawl […]