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February 07

A fabulous interview with Cory Bernardi

Sir, some are calling you Sinator given your crimes against the Liberal Party and humanity. How do you respond Well, Jesus too, was castigated by people who did not understand his true glory. You compare yourself to the Messiah I answer to many names. I use this title not for any personal self-aggrandisement and only […]

July 23

An act of infamy

There has been a tragic decline in the standards of political life over the past few decades. Even worse is that not only has the behaviour of politicians declined disgustingly but public acceptance of appalling standards has become the norm. Few things shock us any more but Australia’s Prime Minister has just done something so […]

Julia Gillard impersonates Captain Queeg

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has never won the hearts and minds of the nation. Yes, she scrambled enough votes to get the top job but it was not because people liked her. It is a reasonable assumption that a good many voters cast their ballots to achieve the radical change of electing our first-ever […]

Giving Australia the finger

  I think the expression ‘giving someone the finger’ is roughly the same in America as it is in Australia. It’s a simple gesture: raise your middle finger with palm pointed inwards and gesture vigorously upwards to express some contempt or cheeky aggro to someone who has caused offence or annoyance. Or, in the case […]

The boy who cried wolf

This is election year for Australian voters who are mostly feeling quite depressed at the available options for governing the nation. Sure, the die-hard loyalists of the major and minor parties are eager to vent their frustrations at the ballot box. They have made up their minds on who they think will deliver the kind […]

It’s not all about you!

It is a sad fact of life that Australians are losing confidence in our parliamentarians. Put into office to serve the community’s interests, they turn their backs on us consistently and devote almost all their energies to negative point-scoring. Nowhere is this more painfully obvious than in federal politics where a hung parliament after the […]

A dangerous addiction to discipline

Australia’s alternative Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks as a bemused electorate wonders what we have to do to get leaders we actually admire. We don’t particularly like Prime Minister Julia Gillard and we think her administration is rather lacking in capabilities and competence. But when we run our […]

Tony Abbott, you’re a goose!

How dumb do you have to be to let Julia Gillard beat you? Well, deposed prime minister Kevin Rudd is still smarting over that issue and for the life of him cannot work out how things went so badly wrong. At the last election, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott reckoned he had her on toast but […]